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Guatemala National Education Profile 2018

Type: Profiles
Author(s): EPDC
Year of Publishing: 2018
Keywords: Guatemala, National Education Profile, NEP

SERCE 2006 supplementary indicators

Author(s): EPDC
Year of Publishing: 2014
This spreadsheet provides content indicators for SERCE assessments for 2006, based on indicators used in publications and as an alternative to indicators in the database.

Guatemala Education Trends 2000-2025

Type: Profiles
Author(s): EPDC
Year of Publishing: 2013
Keywords: Guatemala, Education Trends 2000-2025, Trends

Opportunity to Learn: A high impact strategy for improving educational outcomes in developing countries

Type: Research
Author(s): Moore, DeStefano, Adelman
Year of Publishing: 2012
Keywords: opportunity to learn, time on task
This book includes a chapter which frames the research questions and the issues around opportunity to learn; a chapter outlining the research methodology; a synthesis of the case study findings; a chapter on the resource wastage OTL leads to; and the five case studies. This research demonstrates that students need both quality instruction and time to learn to read.

EQUIP2 Final Report

Type: Research
Author(s): Smiley
Year of Publishing: 2012
Keywords: EQUIP2 Final Report, lessons learned
After nine years of implementation, EQUIP2’s breadth and depth have been far greater than the designers had anticipated. With 32 associate awards in 20 countries, extensive research conducted in numerous topical areas, and 81 publications totaling 2,141 pages, the project has become a key tool for the expansion of USAID’s education portfolio and expertise in the policy arena. Comment

EQUIP2 Lessons Learned Synthesis

Type: Research
Author(s): Lehner
Year of Publishing: 2012
Keywords: EQUIP2 Lessons Learned Synthesis, lessons learned, EQUIP2
The USAID-funded EQUIP2 program conducted a series of studies to increase and share knowledge about how projects are designed, implemented, and evaluated, who is involved, what contexts exist, and what approaches enabled or constrained project implementation in an increasingly Ministry-led environment. This paper serves to introduce this complete set of studies , the methodology used to gather and analyze information, and to provide a summary overview of the main lessons learned for leadership, project design, implementation and evaluation.

EQUIP2 State-of-the-Art Knowledge in Education: OTL

Type: Research
Author(s): DeStefano
Year of Publishing: 2012
Keywords: EQUIP2 State-of-the-Art Knowledge in Education: OTL, lessons learned, mozambique, honduras, guatemala
The research on time and learning makes distinctions among allocated time, engaged time, and a third category, academic learning time. Allocated time has little to no relationship with student achievement. Engaged time has been shown to have a stronger relationship to achievement. The strongest relationship found to impact achievement is with academic learning time, the hardest variable to observe and track. Comment

EQUIP2 Lessons Learned in Education: Policy Dialogue

Type: Research
Author(s): Lehner, Alvarado
Year of Publishing: 2011
Keywords: EQUIP2 Lessons Learned in Education: Policy Dialogue, lessons learned, policy dialogue
For this study, three EQUIP2 projects were selected that were implemented by different agencies within the EQUIP2 consortium, in Zambia, Guatemala, and El Salvador between the time period 2003 and 2011. The review sought to draw out the lessons learned pertaining to designing, implementing, and evaluating effective policy dialogue programs. Comment