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Iraq National Education Profile 2018

Type: Profiles
Author(s): EPDC
Year of Publishing: 2018
Keywords: Iraq, National Education Profile, NEP

2014 Newsletter - January

Type: News Archive
Author(s): EPDC
Year of Publishing: 2014
Keywords: Access, learning, learning pyramids, survival, administrative data, household surveys, EPDC news, data notes, Beekungo, DHS, MICS, SACMEQ, PASEC, PIRLS, SERCE
The January 2014 newsletter announces the release of Long Path to Achieving Education for All: School Access, Learning and Retention in 20 Countries by Ania Chaluda. It also announces the addition of the EPDC News section which features short blurbs about ongoing research in EPDC, and the expansion of the Data Notes section of the website.

How do violent conflicts affect school enrolment?: Analysis of Sub-National Evidence from 19 Countries

Type: Research
Author(s): Chaluda, Sylla, Yan, Wils
Year of Publishing: 2011
Keywords: Education for All, Global Monitoring Report, violent conflict, school enrolment
This commissioned background report for the Education for All Global Monitoring Report 2011 looks at the effect of violent conflicts on school enrolment at sub-national level in 19 countries. Comment

Global Educational Trends

Type: Research
Year of Publishing: 2009
Keywords: Education trends, projections, attainment, inequalities
This report covers ten key education trends in brief two page sections with graphical illustration. The topics include: pre-school attendance, losses in school through dropout, future trends for completion and teacher needs in primary and secondary, inequity by gender and wealth, the role of non-formal education, human capital projections, youth and employment, education and health. Comment

Gross enrollment rate Participation Primary Iraq Jordan Lebanon

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