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Sudan - Post-Secession

Out of School Children: Data Challenges in Measuring Access to Education

Type: Research
Author(s): Omoeva, Sylla, Hatch, Gale
Year of Publishing: 2013
Keywords: out of school, oosc, data, uis, household survey, dhs, mics measurment, access
Do we know just how many children are out of school around the world? 

Sudan Education Trends 2000-2025

Type: Profiles
Author(s): EPDC
Year of Publishing: 2012
Keywords: Sudan, Education Trends 2000-2025, Trends

How do violent conflicts affect school enrolment?: Analysis of Sub-National Evidence from 19 Countries

Type: Research
Author(s): Chaluda, Sylla, Yan, Wils
Year of Publishing: 2011
Keywords: Education for All, Global Monitoring Report, violent conflict, school enrolment
This commissioned background report for the Education for All Global Monitoring Report 2011 looks at the effect of violent conflicts on school enrolment at sub-national level in 19 countries. Comment

Estimating the Costs of Achieving Education for All in Low-Income Countries

Type: Research
Year of Publishing: 2010
Keywords: Education for All, educational costs, low-income countries, Global Monitoring Report
This is a background paper commissioned for the Education for All Global Monitoring Report 2010 for financial gap costing on 47 low-income countries in reaching Education for All goals by 2015. Comment

The Extent and Impact of Non-formal Education in 28 Developing Countries

Type: Research
Year of Publishing: 2008
Keywords: Non-formal education, income, impact
The study approximates the impact of non-formal education by comparing incomes of households headed by persons with non-formal education compared to households headed by persons with no schooling.or formal primary or secondary education. Comment