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Trinidad and Tobago

PIRLS 2006 and 2011 supplementary indicators

Author(s): EPDC
Year of Publishing: 2014
This spreadsheet provides content indicators for PIRLS assessments for 2006 and 2011 based on indicators used in publications and as an alternative to indicators in the database.

Long Path to Achieving Education for All: School Access, Retention, and Learning in 20 Countries

Type: Research
Author(s): Ania Chaluda
Year of Publishing: 2014
Keywords: Education for all, access, learning, retention, DHS, MICS, SACMEQ, SERCE, PIRLS, PASEC
The last decades have seen an impressive growth in school participation in developing countries. As countries have made remarkable progress towards universal primary school completion, the focus in the development community has shifted to reaching the most disadvantaged populations, and improving the quality of education. Is school access truly universal? And now that most children are in school, do we know whether they are actually learning?

Thoughts on an Early Childhood Care and Education Index

Type: Research
Author(s): Barrow, Sommerfelt, Wils, Levine
Year of Publishing: 2008
Keywords: Education for All, early childhood, health, vulnerable children
This paper explores 58 education and health related indicators for use in an early childhood index which could be used, among other purposes, to monitor the first Education for All Goal: Expanding and improving comprehensive early childhood care and education, especially for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children. Comment