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Out of School Children: Data Challenges in Measuring Access to Education

Type: Research
Author(s): Omoeva, Sylla, Hatch, Gale
Year of Publishing: 2013
Keywords: out of school, oosc, data, uis, household survey, dhs, mics measurment, access
Do we know just how many children are out of school around the world? 

Orphans and Vulnerable Children: Trends in School Access and Experience in Eastern and Southern Africa

Type: Research
Author(s): Smiley, Omoeva, Sylla, Chaluda
Year of Publishing: 2012
Keywords: Lesotho, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, OVC, orphans, vulnerable, participation
Now a decade since the term orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) entered the international development literature, FHI 360s Education Policy and Data Center took a look at 5 countries in subSaharan Africa to reflect on the continuing crisis and its relation to educational participation. Comment

Child Vulnerability and Educational Disadvantage in Uganda: Patterns of School Attendance and Performance

Type: Research
Author(s): Sylla, Omoeva, Smiley
Year of Publishing: 2012
Keywords: Uganda, vulnerability, OVC, attendance, learning outcomes
This paper analyzes the extent to which Uganda's official government "child vulnerability" indicators are associated with two important components of educational disadvantage: school attendance and sixth grade learning outcomes. Comment