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The Education Equity Research Initiative

EPDC co-launches a new research initiative focusing on causes and consequences of education inequalities

Rising inequality is one of the greatest challenges facing the global community today. Nowhere is the challenge of equity more salient than in education, with its potential to positively shape life outcomes- or further exacerbate societal disparities.

The challenge

Equity is at the heart of the new global development agenda: Sustainable Development Goal 4 calls for inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for all.

How prepared are we in the education community to address the equity challenge? Do we have the right tools, metrics, and interventions to track our progress in educational equity? What do we know about our effectiveness in closing disparities in education, and our ability to transform life opportunities through education policies and programs?

These questions provide the impetus for the new Education Equity Research Initiative, which connects organizations and individuals interested in developing, supporting, or disseminating evidence on education equity globally.


The goal of the Education Equity Research Initiative is to inform policy and programming on the effective ways of strengthening equity in and through education systems. The initiative will contribute to building a stronger knowledge and evidence base on the root causes, institutional drivers, and effects of inequality in education; as well as on effective solutions for improving equity in educational participation and learning.


First conceptualized in FHI 360's Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action (September 2015), this initiative brings together several organizations under a common objective: advancing research to inform policy and programming on the effective ways of strengthening equity in and through education systems. It is led by FHI 360 and Save the Children, in partnership with UNICEF, World Vision, and RESULTS Educational Fund, and in close consultation with colleagues and allies from many other organizations, including research think tanks, universities, membership networks, donors, and leading international development organizations. The activities of the initiative are carried out through a set of interrelated research work streams: Measurement and Metrics, Learning and Retention, Conflict and Fragility, Finance and Resource Allocation.

Working collaboratively, the research initiative partners will develop common measurement frameworks, tackle known data gaps and under-researched equity issues and dimensions, and develop and test hypotheses for strengthening equity. A dedicated work stream will consider the specific context and demands of crisis- and conflict-affected countries. Through collaboration, discussion, and commitment to sharing strategies and knowledge, the Initiative seeks to magnify the impact of each of the partner's individual efforts and advance equity in education through policy and programming around the world.

Join the effort

Support the Education Equity Research Initiative. You can help us by:

·         Contributing research and data

·         Participating in consultations

·         Reviewing studies

·         Hosting or convening events

Contact us at to learn more.


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