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Long Path to Achieving Education for All: School Access, Retention, and Learning in 20 Countries

Type: Research
Author(s): Ania Chaluda
Year of Publishing: 2014
Keywords: Education for all, access, learning, retention, DHS, MICS, SACMEQ, SERCE, PIRLS, PASEC
The last decades have seen an impressive growth in school participation in developing countries. As countries have made remarkable progress towards universal primary school completion, the focus in the development community has shifted to reaching the most disadvantaged populations, and improving the quality of education. Is school access truly universal? And now that most children are in school, do we know whether they are actually learning?

Household survey extraction notes

Author(s): EPDC
Year of Publishing: 2013
Keywords: Household surveys, attainment, participation, efficiency, literacy
This zip file contains extraction notes for household survey datasets used to calculate indicators in the EPDC database. It is organized by country and survey year.

2013 Newsletter 1 - June

Type: News Archive
Author(s): EPDC
Year of Publishing: 2013
Keywords: Measurement, access, participation, out of school profiles, learning outcomes, ASER, UWEZO, EGRA
This newsletter announces the release of Out of School Children: Data Challenges in Measuring Access to Education by Carina Omoeva, Benjamin Sylla, Rachel Hatch and Charles Gale. It also announces the release of EPDC's newest profile series on out of school children, based on household surveys and for the 7-14 age group. Additionally, recently added learning outcomes and data updates to the EPDC database.

Out of School Children: Data Challenges in Measuring Access to Education

Type: Research
Author(s): Omoeva, Sylla, Hatch, Gale
Year of Publishing: 2013
Keywords: out of school, oosc, data, uis, household survey, dhs, mics measurment, access
Do we know just how many children are out of school around the world? 

Wealth Still Matters: A Study of Wealth Differentials in Primary School Attendance from 1990-2006 in Developing Countries

Type: Research
Author(s): EPDC
Year of Publishing: 2009
Keywords: Education inequality, attendance, wealth, household survey
This working paper examines changes in attendance differentials by wealth over time from 1990-2006 for 61 developing and transitional countries, based on household surveys and finds that school attendance differentials by wealth have declined over time in almost all countries. Declines in wealth differentials are almost universally associated with an overall increase in school attendance. Comment

Global Education Data

Author(s): EPDC
Year of Publishing: 2008
Keywords: UNESCO, World Bank, OECD

How (Well) is Education Measured in Household Surveys?

Type: Research
Author(s): Wils
Year of Publishing: 2008
Keywords: Household survey, education modules, comparative analysis
This working paper analyzes how well education information is collected in a wide variety of 30 recent household surveys. The intent of the analysis is to identify good practice and pitfalls in education modules, and the recommendations are intended to be used as the basis for an interagency workgroup on improving education modules in household surveys. Comment

How do you measure the number of out of school children?

Year of Publishing:
Household survey vs. Administrative data