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Education Inequality

The Effects of Armed Conflict on Educational Attainment and Inequality

Type: Research
Year of Publishing: 2018
Keywords: Armed Conflict, Ethnic Conflict, Educational Attainment, Educational Inequality, Difference-in-Differences, Propensity Score Matching
We exploit the variation in the timing of conflict between countries using a difference-in-differences matching strategy to identify the impacts of armed conflict on years of schooling and educational inequality. We draw upon data from the Uppsala Conflict Data Program and the Ethnic Power Relations databases, which enable us to distinguish between ethnic and non-ethnic conflicts. Further, we are able to identify the effect of conflict onset as well as the incidence of conflict in years following onset.

Starting Early for Equity in Education: The case of Rwanda

Year of Publishing:
Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen (PhD Candidate, Kobe University and Intern, EPDC); Hibatallah Ibrahim (Intern, EPDC); and Charles Gale (Research Associate, EPDC)