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Education Research

EPDC provides policy-relevant analysis derived from education data and indicators. Leveraging its access to a wealth of international education data sources, EPDC applies its expertise in data collection and statistical analysis towards existing and emerging issues in education policy and practice. Among other issues, EPDC research has focused on access to education for disadvantaged groups, enrollment and attendance trends, and factors affecting student achievement. The analysis is presented in reports, policy briefs, and technical papers. Research from the Educational Quality Improvement Program (EQUIP2) and other research produced by the FHI 360 Global Education Center is also available.

Education Profiles

Profiles are graphical reports that provide an overview for special education topics. Select from EPDC’s twelve profile series, including three sub-national series for Nigeria, Kenya, and Zambia. New profile series are under development.

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While this website offers several great options to create graphs for you, we understand that you may want to create your own using Excel. Learn more about how you can use some of our techniques to produce your own beautiful graphs with the Graphing Tutorials.