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FHI 360's EPDC provides four options to search for data. Each option consists of 3 steps:

Step 1. Select search criteria

Step 2. View results and prepare data for visualization

Step 3. View a graph or map of your results

FHI 360's EPDC does not alter the data from different sources to make it comparable and consistent. Conflicting information from different sources remain in the database.

Search by Country

Use the search by country option to find all of the EPDC data related to a particular country. Each country page displays all of EPDC's available resources on a selected country in a snapshot, including a summary of education in that country, example graphs showing key indicators, and links to all of the relevant profiles and research.

Search by Topic

Use the search by topic option to find all of the EPDC data related to a particular topic in education. Each page has a description of the topic and example graphs of key indicators.


Search by School Level

Use the search by school level option to find all of the EPDC data related to a particular school level. This data is organized into primary, secondary, post-secondary and by grades data. The 'by grades' option allows for search results to be refined to a single grade level, such as Grade 3. The 'other' option includes data on technical, vocational, nursing, and Islamic education among others.

Advanced Search

Use the advanced search option to set all of the search parameters exactly as you want. EDPC data can be refined across 8 dimensions, which are: Countries, Sub-National regions, Urban/Rural, School Level, Indicators, Household Characteristics, Gender, Years, Age Group and Datasource. A value must be selected for each dimension before proceeding to your results.