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This section contains tips on using the basic functions of the website, as well as helpful information about the data in the EPDC database.


Advanced Search Help

If you know exactly what you are looking for then the advanced search is for you. This help page provides tips on how to refine your search criteria across 8 dimensions of data.

Graphing Help

EPDC offers six different ways to visualize your data. This help page offers information on how to create Column, Bar, Line, Dual axis and Scatter plot charts.

Data Sources

The EPDC database contains over 1.8 million data points. Find out where all of this data comes from and view links to all of our data sources.

Indicator Glossary

EPDC offers data on over 70 different indicators. Use our handy glossary to find out what each of these indicators is actually measuring. You can view the glossary alphabetically, or group the indicators by topic.