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Mission and Capacity

Education Policy and Data Center (EPDC) was founded in 2004 with the insight that education policy has to be based on strong evidence, including accurate and timely data, and sound analysis of the challenges and solutions.  As a research unit within the Global Learning Group of FHI 360, EPDC serves as a resource for education data, profiles, and data reports on education status at the country and subnational level, research papers on issues and challenges in education in developing and transitional countries, as well as medium-term education projections.  From 2004 to 2011, EPDC was funded by USAID; since 2011, its capacity and expertise are supported through a combination of generous private grants and fee-for-service partnerships.  The FHI 360 global education portfolio encompasses a wide range of programs and interventions in educational development.  We are located at 1825 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington DC 20009. Please email us at or sign up for our newsletter.


Partnerships and networks are central to EPDC’s operation. Besides supporting the work of FHI 360 education projects around the world, EPDC has worked closely with bilateral and multilateral agencies, such as USAID, AusAID, UNESCO, UNICEF, and Global Partnership for Education; as well as national and local partners in Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa.   At this time, we seek opportunities to engage in collaborative research projects with local NGO's and other partners in developing countries, focusing on issues of schooling opportunity, learning outcomes, disadvantage, and vulnerability. 

EPDC Staff

EPDC staff consists of international education and development professionals with expertise in project management, field research, data collection, analysis, and data visualization.  In addition to the core team of researchers and analysts, EPDC draws on the full spectrum of education and development expertise in the FHI 360 Global Learning Group, as well as from the organization as a whole.  More information about FHI 360, with its full, comprehensive set of innovative set of services and solutions for human development, can be found at



EPDC is is proud to announce it is participating in the International Year of Statistics 2013, a worldwide celebration of the contributions of statistical science to the advancement of our global society.