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2014 Newsletter - January

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Access, learning, learning pyramids, survival, administrative data, household surveys, EPDC news, data notes, Beekungo, DHS, MICS, SACMEQ, PASEC, PIRLS, SERCE

The January 2014 newsletter announces the release of Long Path to Achieving Education for All: School Access, Learning and Retention in 20 Countries by Ania Chaluda. It also announces the addition of the EPDC News section which features short blurbs about ongoing research in EPDC, and the expansion of the Data Notes section of the website. Additionally, it announces the update of UIS data, admin data including United Arab Emirates, Mexico and Malaysia, household survey data including Cote d'Ivoire, Belize, Indonesia, Vietnam, Nigeria and Iraq, and learning outcomes data including Beekungo.

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