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2012 Newsletter 3 - August

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Uganda, Tanzania, orphans and vulnerable children, educational performance, attendance, trends and projections 2000-2025, SACMEQ 2007

This newsletter announces the release of two new publications dealing with the educational impacts of vulnerability; Child Vulnerability and Educational Disadvantage in Uganda: Patterns of School Attendance and Performance by Benjamin Sylla, Carina Omoeva and Anne Smiley, and Most Vulnerable Children in Tanzania: Access to Education and Patterns of Non-attendance by Arushi Terway, Brian Dooley and Anne Smiley.  It also announces the release of two new types of education profiles produced by EPDC; one showing education projections for 79 countries until 2025, and another detailing the results of SAQMEQ assessment data for math and reading, in several African countries.

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